Preserving the Art of Jazz

Support Memphis Jazz Workshop

Jazz was once the most popular form of music in America. So much so that there was government concern and investigations into artists at one point!

In the past few decades, the interest has waned and given way to hip hop and country music.


We preserve its legacy and artistry through our youth and young adults. They will be the torchbearers, the leaders in their generation who keep it interesting, viable and at the forefront. Before there was Robert Glasper or Esperanza Spaulding, there was a girl or boy in a music program like ours.

We count on support from our community to help keep Memphis Jazz Workshop moving forward.

Consider this:

  • $35 will help eliminate the application/audition fee for one student
  • $65 will help provide a one-hour private lesson
  • $150 will help fund one masterclass
  • $200 will help fund one combo session
  • $500 will help fund a nationally recognized guest artist masterclass
  • $800 will help fund a student for one semester, 12-week session
  • $1600 will help fund a student for the entire school year

No donation is too small!

We appreciate your support at any level.

Please speak with Stephen Lee about sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming fundraisers. We also have naming opportunities (in honor of or in memoriam).