Memphis Jazz Workshop

Cultivating the Future of Jazz

The Memphis Jazz community needs a revival.

Jazz represents one of the most important musical, historical, and cultural phenomena of the Memphis and Mid-South area. A true renaissance of Jazz culture can only come about from the youth in this city — aided by those of us who know and have lived the musical richness of this American art form. Memphis Jazz Workshop is in position to keep moving the legacy forward, creating the next generation of jazz enthusiasts and highly trained musicians.

Cultivating the Future of Jazz

The future of jazz still burns bright. We are preparing the next generation to move the music forward. We are cultivating the next Miles, Dizzy, Ella and Esperanza!

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Educating Young Artists

We know that there is no future without connectivity to our past. Education is an imperative. We are doing our small part by building upon the legacy of the greats.

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Preserving the Art

By making a donation to our organization, you support our students so that they may continue to benefit from high level, intensive instruction.


Memphis Jazz Workshop provides music intensives and unparalleled guidance for middle and high school students. Led by accomplished jazz musician Stephen Lee and a collection of equally well-versed, experienced teachers, students are left in capable hands. We are one of the only workshops of this kind in the Memphis area that offers jazz-focused instruction at this level and frequency.

Memphis Jazz Workshop is nurturing some of the city’s most talented young people. We focus on discipline, work ethic, music education and ultimately mastery.

We are dedicated to preserving the art!

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