Q:  Why is the Memphis Jazz Workshop important?

A:  The Memphis Jazz Workshop teaches one of America’s only true art forms while reviving the unique sound of Memphis Jazz. It teaches the students discipline, how to communicate on a different level and offers a different, and many times, a collaborative way of communication and expression.


Q:  Who is teaching the classes?

A:  The faculty is composed of some of the best, and brightest Jazz professionals of the Memphis area! Please reference our “Faculty” tab to see the amazing credentials of the staff.


Q:  What makes the Memphis Jazz Workshop different?

A:  The Memphis Jazz Worksop uses an individual approach to teaching. Once the student’s abilities are assessed, their growth is fostered with the tools that optimize their skills. These tools include the knowledge of Jazz theory needed to improvise while collaborating and performing in combos. 


Q:  What is being taught?

A:  The listening activities, Jazz theory, and ensemble playing are all rigorously instilled in the students which ultimately leads to the development of thinking and self-expression through improvisation.


Q:  Why has this never been done?

A:  Stephen Lee, the Founder and Artistic Director, has been the first to look at implementing a Jazz program from a pedagogical standpoint. This effort will give students the wherewithal to not only be able to compete on a national level with other competitive Jazz students but to also become an educated audience member and to be able to play the art form for their personal enjoyment. Mr. Lee is primarily about education. The Memphis Jazz Workshop is not about promoting concerts, but developing and teaching Jazz through proper education of students and the greater community.

Memphis Jazz Workshop
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